Coaching with Susan Lockwood

This would entail 6 sessions at the cost of 1 cent/session.  (a small fee to count toward ICF accreditation.)   The goal might be very broad like “I want to be closer to the Lord” or very specific like “I need to finally clean out my garage.”   Anything that one is having difficulty accomplishing.  The goal is to help people find their own answers.  It is not particularly pastoral (although some empathy is often in order), and definitely not directed toward any particular outcome that the coach might envision.  It’s not about suggesting books to read.   It’s all about asking open-ended questions and see where the client takes the conversation and the outcome.  For Christians, prayer at the beginning of a session is fine. It would involve Zoom conferencing and allowing permission for recording the first or second session for my assessment.

Email if interested

Resources and Videos

Take advantage of some of the tools from ECO and like-minded organizations:

    • ECO’s Theology Teams  – Learn more about the commitment to study our confessional heritage and provide a unified resource to guide our polity and leaders.
    • The Flourish Movement – A coaching plan to develop and disciple leaders and create flourishing churches.

Videos from Presbytery Gatherings