Clarity of Purpose 2018-2019 (PDF version)

Presbytery of South Carolina Global Mission Team

As part of the new Presbytery of South Carolina, the Global Mission Team feels that it is important to communicate to the Presbytery its goals for establishing a flourishing global mission program.  These initial goals are presented with the objective of establishing a sustainable program by which the Presbytery of S.C. can carry out the Great Commission of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

1.National & International Missions
 The Presbytery of S.C. GMT will focus on identifying and supporting national and international missions through its member churches. Local missions support will be conducted by the individual churches within the Presbytery. Leveraging the strength as a group; joint national, local and international mission opportunities will be encouraged by the GMT.
2.Maintaining a Supportive Environment
 The Presbytery GMT focus is to create a supportive environment for the individual member churches and their missions.  GMT will be a platform for – Sharing best practices among churches. Assisting in developing mission leadership. Supporting joint mission programs, fundraising, missionary schedules, and volunteer opportunities. Encourage partnering among churches of the Presbytery to help grow shared mission engagement. Helping engage our congregations in global mission ministry. Growing support of missions of which member churches are currently involved.Using the Presbytery website to communicate mission activities, resource sharing, and collaboration. Being a conduit for providing updates to the Presbytery of the various ECO mission initiatives.
3.South Carolina Emergency Response
 The Presbytery GMT will utilize member churches to develop an emergency response program.  South Carolina is subject to statewide hurricane, flood, fire and other natural disasters from time to time. GMT feels the Presbytery has a role in assisting disaster victims thru the collective strength of member churches. 

It is recommended that the GMT review these goals every 3-5 years and provide the Presbytery an updated Clarity of Purpose Report.


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