Jan 8, 2021 – A Call to Prayer and Fast

Crossposted from our friends at ECO Synod and our Synod Executive, Dana Allin: This Sunday is Epiphany, the last day of the Christmas season. On Epiphany, we celebrate the miraculous appearance of Jesus to the Gentiles, who were represented first by the Magi. Throughout the rest of the gospels and New Testament we see Jesus bringContinue reading “Jan 8, 2021 – A Call to Prayer and Fast”

Summary from Oct 2020 gathering

Our gathering in North Augusta brought many of our congregations leaders together to celebrate the ongoing work of ministry in our different areas. David Bailey (from Arrabon, https://arrabon.com) challenged us to look beyond the norms and expectations of society to be a true reconciling community. Recommended resource: Episode 33 of the Table Leadership

Sending them out to the “frontlines”

Our April 2018 gathering of the Presbytery included a special time of worship, fellowship and being challenged together on how to be “flourishing churches.”  Rev. Lisa Johnson provided some context in this discussion for us by quoting Neil Hudson who said that a flourishing disciple is “someone who is learning to live the way ofContinue reading “Sending them out to the “frontlines””