Our denomination permits some ministers to operate under the guidance of our presbytery – when connected to a local ECO congregation.


“Pastors may be authorized to serve in validated ministries outside a local congregation. Validated ministries might include service in a presbytery, educational institution, hospital, or a variety of mission fields. The presbytery shall validate and annually review the pastor’s ministry. Ordinarily, pastors in validated ministry will also be expected to take part in the life and ministry of a local ECO congregation. Pastors in validated ministries have voice and may be granted the right to vote if serving as a part-time assistant pastor.”


The following ministers are considered “validated” in the Presbytery of South Carolina for 2022:


Chris Handley

(Florence, SC) – Helping Florence Flourish. Helping Florence Flourish is a gospel city movement that seeks to draw believers together in the Florence area in order to address the difficult issues of the community. (e.g. spiritual lostness, homelessness, poverty, broken families etc. )

Margaret Harouny

(Greenville, SC) – Margaret is the lead chaplain for the Division of Palliative Care at Greenville Memorial Hospital, a level-one trauma center in Greenville, SC.   Margaret is also the handler for Beowulf, a medical facility dog who visits patients to offer comfort, encouragement, and cuddles.

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