Sending them out to the “frontlines”

Our April 2018 gathering of the Presbytery included a special time of worship, fellowship and being challenged together on how to be “flourishing churches.”  Rev. Lisa Johnson provided some context in this discussion for us by quoting Neil Hudson who said that a flourishing disciple is “someone who is learning to live the way of Jesus in their context in this moment.”  In short, our work is helping the church (and her disciples) carry the “way of Jesus” wherever they go and in whatever they do.  Lisa reminded us that 10% of our time, we are the “gathered church”.  It’s the purpose of that in-gathering that fuels what happens when we leave.

“We are gathered, to be scattered.” 

Each of our congregations is on a journey to learn how to develop flourishing disciples.  Our hope is that our times of gathering as a Presbytery will be healthy confidence-building, mission-clarifying, and conviction-deepening.  After all (to quote Lisa one last time), “making whole-life missionary disciples is the core vocation of the church.”

Thanks again to the Rock Presbyterian Church in Greenwood, SC, and all her volunteers who made this a special gathering for us all!

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